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Re: [TEST]: please ignore

On 29 Dec 2003, Marcel Meckel<debian@thermoman.de> verbalized:
> On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, Xavier Maillard wrote:
>> X-Whatever: no
>> X-Url-GnusFr: http://www.gnusfr.org
>> X-Url-EmacsFr: http://www.emacsfr.org
>> X-In-No-Sense: Nonsense
>> X-Home-Page: http://www.gnu-rox.org/~zedek/cgi-bin/wiki.pl
>> X-Gpg-Key-ID: 1E028EA5
>> X-Gpg-Fingerprint: FDB0 EE1F 33E5 8C22 5E3E  96E7 6900 CA9B 1E02 8EA5
>> X-Gpg-Affinity: Will accept encrypted message for GNUpg
>> X-Face:
>> 63TbQAY?C>dKDtNNr7<CEy3XxC*t"8Nw_,=:={qL$,b?m:3c'?5vo4qLo)@!(?&J3Sqnv>> A%
>>> /'!n[aEa5oAg1{+JyynaULmhA8^"tQQK*D3dNJ{.SZ0
>> X-Disclaimer: Fourty Two
>> X-Accept-Language: en, fr
>> Organization: GNU Rox !
> Please test your email system/settings with your own private email
> address> 
> but *for sake* not with a public mailing list.

Sorry, I thought I had a problem with Debian mailing lists and so tried
to send something. It won't occur anymore from me.

Xavier Maillard


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