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Re: 2.6.0 Kernel, Lost Keyboard and Mouse

Andy Neillans wrote:

Hardware: NEC Versa M300 Laptop

Release: Woody, upgraded to Testing.

2.6.0 stable source from www.kernel.org

.config and kern.log attached.

Compiled 'the Debian way', using make-kpkg.

Stock 2.2.5 works normally.
kernel-image-2.4.22-1-686 works normally. (Installed via apt-get)

The compiled 2.6.0 kernel boots correctly, but when X starts I have no
keyboard or mouse. If I try booting with linux single, I have no keyboard
or mouse.

Any suggestions?


Hello Andy,

I had the same problem. I used the new 'debian installer'. After chaning my old cdrom out for a newer dvd(cd-R) player, the installation went ok. I had to pull sources off the net, via ethernet and off the CD that a friend of mine burned. I initially used (6) floppies to get the installation
booting and the necessary device drivers (realtek ethernet) working.

My video card is a voodoo4, I had to drop to 16 bits of color depth to get X to work. The system is a Pentium III with a 350MHz CPU. The mouse would not work off of the ps2/mouse port. So I selected the first tty (ttyS0 I think) and used the converter that logitec supplies so the ps2 mouse will work off of a rs232 serial port.

After that the booting is smooth. X works, but I have not done anything rigorous yet.

Note, I did this 9 days ago, and I have been offline since getting the mouse to work. Today is my first day
back at testing this new installation.

During the installation,using Debian installer, I installed a 2.6.???9-testing kernel, as it was the only option for a 2.6 based kernelwith the testing-distro. Once I get a few packages working, I've got an old IBM 770ED thinkpad that I'm going to use debian installer on. However, I hope somebody can point me to a list of CD(DVD) devices that work with debian installer? OR let me know how they got Sarge(w/ a 2.6) kernel installed on a machine similar to the IBM 770ED thinkpad. This portable is going on 5 years old, so the
CD/DVD device may not be supported.

Did you use debian installer, or is there other methods to install Sarge(w/ a 2.6.x kernel)?

apologies in advance if my stupidity offends anyone,


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