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Re: 2.6.0 Kernel, Lost Keyboard and Mouse

On Monday 29 December 2003 5:40 pm, James Horton wrote:

> >The compiled 2.6.0 kernel boots correctly, but when X starts I have no
> >keyboard or mouse. If I try booting with linux single, I have no keyboard
> >or mouse.
> >
> >Any suggestions?
> >
> >Andy
> Did you use debian installer, or is there other methods to install
> Sarge(w/ a 2.6.x kernel)?

I installed with the default kernel, and the downloaded the source from 
kernel.org and compiled it that way -- I find its the easiest way to get 
support for things like ACPI... Has always worked ok until I tried 2.6.0 ;)

Unfortunatly I can't try plugging in PS/2 Mouse / Keyboard on this laptop, as 
it does not have a PS/2 port -- am trying to get a USB set to borrow, but it 
does not look good...


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