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Re: 2.6.0 & PCMCIA

On Fri, 26 Dec 2003 19:10, "Bruce" <bestb@sympatico.ca> wrote:
> Issue: HP Pavillion 5425 1Ghz laptop. Recently downloaded & compiled
> custom 2.6.0 kernel from www.kernel.org sources. Everything working 32EW
> cards are (strangely) loaded, but nothing happening on any of the cards.
> For the record: SMC 2632W Prism2 wireless network card, and a Pyro 1394
> firewire card. Both worked well in 2.4.x kernels.
> From what I can gather, there has been a major move of where pcmcia stuff
> happens from my previous (2.4.22) kernel. Unfortunately, I haven't been
> able to find anything telling me _what_ this move requires/entails beyond
> the following cryptic information in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes:

When building the kernel-image package you have to select PCMCIA support, and 
not build (or at least not install) the package that comes from 

One thing to note about the PCMCIA code in the kernel is that some of the 
kernel modules change names so you will have to change the pcmcia-cs 
configuration.  It may be easiest to install a 2.4.23 kernel with the kernel 
pcmcia drivers first, and then move to 2.6.0.  When I moved from 2.4.23 with 
kernel PCMCIA drivers to 2.6.0 I didn't need to make any configuration 
changes, 2.4.23 with the kernel drivers seems to be the same as 2.6.0 in all 
ways that count.

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