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2.6.0 & PCMCIA

Issue: HP Pavillion 5425 1Ghz laptop. Recently downloaded & compiled
custom 2.6.0 kernel from www.kernel.org sources. Everything working 32EW
cards are (strangely) loaded, but nothing happening on any of the cards.
For the record: SMC 2632W Prism2 wireless network card, and a Pyro 1394
firewire card. Both worked well in 2.4.x kernels.

>From what I can gather, there has been a major move of where pcmcia stuff
happens from my previous (2.4.22) kernel. Unfortunately, I haven't been
able to find anything telling me _what_ this move requires/entails beyond
the following cryptic information in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes:


 PCMCIA (PC Card) support is now partially implemented in the
 main kernel source.  Pay attention when you recompile your
 kernel ;-). Also, be sure to upgrade to the latest pcmcia-cs release.

Pay attention? I tried my best (from my limited understanding of kernel
architecture) to select whatever seemed relevant when compiling my kernel,
but apparently am not in the loop about what I should have selected,
because with the new kernel I get nothing from any pcmcia cards whatsoever
except something like:

 Starting PCMCIA services: cardmgr[xxxx]: no sockets found!

I upgraded all packages as suggested in the
/usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes file. I'm running Debian sid, current
to today (25 Dec 03).

Instead of "Pay Attention" can anyone suggest something more blunt, i.e.,
"make sure you select "Make PCMCIA work for neophite kernel compiling
idiots (Y/M/N)?"" or whatever it is that I should have and did not select
first time around?


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