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Re: Different Network Environments

"Marcus Will, FG MUCOSA, +49(431)597-1487" <m.will@mucosa.de> writes:

> I use and like
> 	laptop-net
> . You should have a look at it.

I like laptop-net too. I shift between two networks that use static
IPs and one that uses dynamic IPs. So far, laptop-net's been working
like a charm. I can distinguish networks based on reachable IPs and
MAC addresses, and it doesn't wait for DHCP if I'm not connected to a

Among the files in my /etc/laptop-net/profiles/*/files.d are a
proxy.js that correctly sets up proxies for Mozilla (that way, I don't
have to restart my browser if I switch networks), an /etc/profile that
sets or unsets the proxy environment variables, and an
update-exim4.conf.conf that changes my smarthost. I have an
after-select that updates the exim4 configuration and restarts my MTA.

I also make liberal use of SSH tunneling. I haven't figured out how to
bring up the tunnels automatically as one of the hosts I need to
tunnel through doesn't allow public-key authentication. I think I need
to use expect, but I'm having a hard time getting expect to let ssh
stick around while the connection is up and then automatically
bringing it down when I lose connection.

Sacha Chua <sacha@free.net.ph> - Ateneo CS faculty geekette
interests: emacs, gnu/linux, wearables, teaching compsci

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