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Re: wireless configuration questions

Thanks Mike, Joey, and Osamu. You've saved me a lot of extra work. This mailing list has been great. I don't know why debian is said to be difficult to install. I'm quite new to Linux, just an average desktop user, and managed the installation relatively smoothly. (Although I was at first intimidated by the length of the installation manual!) Glad you guys told me about the purge option. Guess I need to do some more reading.


Mike Beattie wrote:

On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 11:53:29AM -0700, Tim Folger wrote:
Thanks very much for your advice, Joey. At this point I've altered the configuration files so much that I might have to reinstall debian to straighten things out, so I think I'll wait for the (imminent?) release of sarge and then start over again.

Don't be silly. just purge the packages in question, and reinstall them.
You'll get the standard default configs then.

apt-get --purge remove <package>
apt-get install <package>

Assuming I'm able to configure the card using only /etc/network/interfaces, would I also need to start the interface from a console with ifup whenever I reboot?

No. the pcmcia scripts will call ifup/ifdown whenever a card is
inserted/removed, and it deems the card is a network device. For this to
work, you must make sure there is no 'auto' line for that device in


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