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Re: Problem with kernel 2.4 on new laptop

El vie, 07-11-2003 a las 12:29, David Goodenough escribió:
> I just got myself a new laptop (the old one died).  Its a Clevo D410E, with a 
> Pentium IV and Ati 9000 graphics.
> My first attempt to install was to use Knoppix, but as soon as it tried to 
> load the kernel (a 2.4 kernel) it cleared the screen and stopped.
> So I tried a Debian 3.0r1 CD, and installed that with a 2.2 kernel, and
> it works.  It boots quite happily and I can run all my normal stuff
> on it, provided I stick to stable.  Normally I run unstable on my laptops
> as they generally work better and also I get KDE 3, OO, Eclipse etc.
> So I tried upgrading to unstable, keeping the kernel, but I got into a
> problem with upgrading libc6, it complained that sleep 1 and ldconfig
> both caused illegal instrunction exceptions.  So I thought well maybe
> there is something in this P IV that it does not like, and tried to upgrade
> to a 2.4 kernel.  I tried 2.4.22, and it failed in exactly the same manner as
> knoppix.
> I select the 2.4 kernel from Lilo, and it unpacks the kernel, says that it is
> now going to boot the kernel, it clears the screen and stops dead.  
> So I thought well maybe this is an apic problem, and tried noapic, no change.
> So I thought maybe this is a graphics problem, the Ati 9000 being 
> relatively new.  So I tried video=vesa, and that made no difference.
> So I then remembered I had had difficulties with video=vesa with 
> some stock 2.4 kernels on another machine, and set up a serial
> console.  I tested this on the 2.2 kernel, and then tried with the 2.4,
> exactly nothing came our of the console.
> I notice that in the 2.4.23 kernel there is a fix that provides a nolapic
> parameter, but I do not know if that is even remotely relevant.
> Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be the cause of the
> problem, or how to proceed with debugging?
> Thanks in advance
> David
	With my laptop, i have the same problem, so i tryed to load the kernel
beta, 2.6.0.test-*.  The kernel load and my laptop works very well, but
now i'm trying to configure acpi for i can sleep it and suspend and

Good Luck.
Néstor Salceda (aka WiZiTo) 

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