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Re: Advice on new laptop


I have the strong impression that it is a philosophy by it's own which 
notebook is the best (for Linux) but I can strongly recommend IBM notebooks, 
they are even "Linux certified" by Suse and IBM (if you can read german -> 
www.nofost.de which sells discounted notebooks to students only) - they 
guarantee that everything except wlan works.
Well it's suse but then you have a very good chance to get it running with 
debian as well (I don't know if Suse included some non-GPL modules like YAST 
to support all features).

at www.tuxmobile.org and www.linux-on-laptops.com are more infos available 
about certain models.

cheers Martin

On Friday 07 November 2003 22:08, René Seindal wrote:
> Hi,
> My old laptop is no more.  It is dead, an ex-laptop.
> I'm looking for a new one.  It will run Debian Linux 99.99% of the time,
> and will be used for building websites.  It will run apache, mysql,
> gnome, mozilla, evolution, gnumeric, gimp, sodipodi, ...
> I'm looking for advice and recommendations and people willing to share
> good and bad experiences.
> I need the following:
> decent cpu (no celerons or similar)
> 512Mb ram
> 40+Gb disk
> decent video card (no games, the occasional movie)
> 14"-15" TFT display
> preferably two PCMCIA slots, but one is ok if there's a supported wifi
> card.
> It'll be nice with DVD and/or CD-RW, integrated nic and/or wifi,
> touchpad and usable sound.  A modem is ok, but not a necessity.
> It'll run Debian, so a machine without a preinstalled OS is preferred.
> I know most things will work without problems, but the video should be
> supported well, likewise the nic and wifi and sound, which seem to be
> the usual troublespots.
> I just need a solid machine to do my business, something that works well
> with a minimum of fuss, custum made kernels and drivers and the like.
> I have been looking around a bit.  I have found a very good offer for an
> Asus A2500H, but I have been unable to find anything about linux on it.
> Another one that seems to work with Linux is the Dell Inspiron 5100,
> though I would have to get it with a different wifi card to get that to
> work.
> Anyway, any advice would be very welcome.
> My old laptop was an Asus L8400C which served me well, but the cpu fan
> died and took cpu and motherboard with it, so it died of heat stroke.
> There's some melted plastic inside!  A repair will cost something like
> half the price of a new laptop.
> --
> René Seindal (rene@seindal.dk)

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