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Re: 802.11a/b/g cards with RF Monitoring

"Overkill of TASF" <overkill_tasf@hotmail.com> writes:

> Does anyone have experience with tri-mode (Dual mode, I guess) 802.11
> wireless cards on Linux that can do RF Monitoring? Price/performance
> would be nice...
> Right now I have a Netgear WAG511. It does A/B/G, but the Linux
> drivers are in beta.

My understanding is that there's basically one 802.11a chipset (the
Atheros chipset); free-beer drivers can be had from
http://madwifi.sourceforge.net/.  (I've thought about packaging it,
but haven't gotten to it yet.)  Signal strength isn't quite published
usefully via the standard interfaces, but you can get an approximate
SNR from the levels from 'iwconfig ath0', and "quality" from 'iwlist
ath0 ap'.

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