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Re: toshiba libretto 100ct

criggie a écrit :

- BIOS driven pcmcia floppy, that will read the first boot floppy
So, only Mandrake can be installed with boot floppy

Have you searched on the net about the thinkpad floppy?  I understand
that they have/had similar problems in the past.

- no cdrom (bootable or otherwise)

PCMCIA CDROMs are not cheap, but if you cast about in your area you
could find one to borrow?

PCMCIA CDROMs work very well, but cannot boot.

From my research, the existing options appear to be (1) have a window
parition, install from there using loadin, or (2) rip out the HD, pop
it into another machine and install, then replace in laptop.  I'm
trying to avoid the Windows option, and I'm not very good with small
bits of electronica, so would like to avoid (2) if I can also.

I think #1 might be your only option, because the hard drive in a
libretto is smaller than a 1.4" drive, not the standard 2.5" that
everyone seems to be expecting.  So you will require a 1.4" to 2.5"
adapter, and that isn't cheap.

Hard drive is a standard 2.5" disk, 8 mm or 9.5 mm thick, like Toshiba or IBM travelstar

Christian Gennerat

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