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Re: Hardware router performance

On Sat, Sep 13, 2003 at 05:10:03AM -0400, tvn wrote:
> For clarification, this slown response & data transfer is also for the
> desktops that are wired directly to the switch/router ... not just
> wireless.  

What is your MTU?  If your router is connected to ADSL, that may be it.
Set it to a smaller 1492.
Note Note
     PPPoE adds 8 bytes of extra overhead to the ethernet frames and the
     correct initial maximum setting for the ppp0 interface MTU is 1492. If
     the MTU is set too high, it may cause a fubar packet fragmentation
     scenario, known as the Path MTU Discovery blackhole where the two ends
     of the connection fail to communicate. A typical symptom would be the
     failure of some web pages to load properly, and possibly other annoying
     problems. You may need to also set the MTU for interfaces on any
     masqueraded LAN connections MTU to 1452. This does not apply to PPPoA,
     bridged, or routed configurations, just PPPoE! See rfc2923 for a
     technical explanation.
See more on DSL-HOWTO in doc-linux-text package.


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