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Re: best laptops for debian linux

On Fri, 2003-09-12 at 19:19, Magnus von Koeller wrote:
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> Hi,
> well the one basic rule I've set up for my next purchase is this one: 
> Do NOT buy from Dell. Dell does not support Linux and actually does 
> everything to make it as difficult as possible to use. They mess with 
> the BIOS in non-standard ways so that not even the official Windows 
> drivers work anymore (only the drivers from Dell still work).
> So don't buy a Dell. If you're a Linux user, they don't care about 
> your nees as a customer. Your simply 'not supported'.
> Magnus.
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Hi Magnus
I have received word back from Dell tech support. They claim:
"Dell engineering is working on the issue and latest bios updatewill
be released after some time. "
Now, I know they don't really support us, and I am pretty annoyed that
they broke standard video support in our Inspirons, but we should give
them a chance to get a fix happening.
And you never know... Maybe they can do a good job with fixing the video
issue. If they work it well, they could come out shining exemplars of
support and win over more of the linux crowd. If not, let 'em burn!  :-)
Here's waiting on the A23,


Using Linux on the Inspiron 1100:
*regularly updated*

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