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Re: best laptops for debian linux

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On Friday 12 September 2003 11:58, Damien Solley wrote:
> I have received word back from Dell tech support. They claim:
> "Dell engineering is working on the issue and latest bios
> updatewill be released after some time. "

They told me, repeatedly, that this is a non-issue for them, that they 
don't have any BIOS people they could talk to and they would not 
assure me that they even informed their BIOS people that there's a 
problem. They even went as far as to make the following statement:

I tried to find somebody in DELL, with him you could speak about this 
issue. Unfortunately, I did not found anybody responsible for BIOS. 
After consultation with my mentor I gave up.

Thera is one option, which you can try:

1.Find another video driver with capability to reallocate more memory 
when working under LINUX This is only one idea, how you can try to 
resolve your problem. 

Unfortunately there is nothing more, we can advice you, so please do 
not contact DELL hotline in this issue.

I mean, what can be more clear than 'do not contact DELL hotline in 
this issue"? 


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