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Re: Two fixed network cards

    "ThanhVu" == ThanhVu Nguyen <thanhvunguyen@psu.edu> writes:

    ThanhVu> I have a slightly different situation, at home my machine
    ThanhVu> has a fixed static address in my local network.  But at
    ThanhVu> school it uses dhcp.  Both places use wired ethernet so I
    ThanhVu> only deal with 1 eth0 here.  So is there a way / or tool
    ThanhVu> that can help me do this task

    ThanhVu> Ask where am I : if (home) {set eth0 to use this static
    ThanhVu> config} if (school) {set eth0 to use dhcp}

~$ apt-cache search laptop network
divine - Automatic IP configuration detection for laptops
guessnet - Guess what network is connected to an ethernet device
intuitively - Automatic IP configuration detection for laptops
laptop-net - Automatically adapt laptop ethernet
laptop-netconf - network detection and configuration program for laptops
rocks - Make network sockets reliable in a transparent way
tleds - Blinks keyboard LEDs indicating TX and RX network packets.
whereami - Automatically reconfigure your (laptop) system for a new location
pcmcia-cs - PCMCIA Card Services for Linux.

Personally, I use netenv (which does not show up in the list above)
but I've never had to mess with it since all my networks use dhcp. It
just worked out of the box for me for when I plug/unplug my ethernet


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