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Re: Two fixed network cards

On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 10:39:44AM -0400, David Z Maze wrote:
> My laptop has two fixed (e.g., not PCMCIA) network cards, one wired
> and one wireless (802.11a/b combo).  Both are set up by default to use
> DHCP in /etc/network/interfaces, and right now the wired card comes up
> first.  I'd like to not wait to a DHCP timeout if I don't need to.  I
> also know the question "is there an Ethernet cable connected" can be
> asked, though not how.  Also, I don't want both the wired and wireless
> up the vast majority of the time.

Ifplugd (in sid/testing) should do the trick:

Description: A configuration daemon for ethernet devices
 ifplugd is a daemon which will automatically configure your
 ethernet device when a cable is plugged in and automatically
 unconfigure it if the cable is pulled. This is useful on laptops with
 onboard network adapters, since it will only configure the interface
 when a cable is really connected.



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