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Re: communicating between subnets

Jason Straw wrote:
> The big difference is that is not subnetted (well, kinda)
> is 256 networks of 254 users.  at least by RFC  just as
> and are 16 networks of 2**16-2 users and 1
> network of 2**24-2 users.
> Jason

	I'm sure some people here are getting a bit confused. This website here
helped me understand it all a bit more...

> PS, David, cram hard for that CCNA, only about 75% is networking
> knowhow, the rest is the ability to use completely crammed cisco
> knowledge.

	Yeah, I'm sure that'll be the case. Just gotta make it through these
next three class levels... Plus, I have my Texas Instruments TI-81
"calculator" programed to conver numbers back and forth between binary
and decimal. Well, for decimal numbers up to 255. Oh, and I also
programmed it to convert IPv4 address also. Geez, that makes me sound
like a geek, doesn't it? :)

---   Dave Woyciesjes
---   ICQ# 905818

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