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Re: communicating between subnets

David Woyciesjes <dwoyciesjes@comcast.net> writes:

> Praveen Kallakuri wrote:
>> secondly, how can i split 1.x into different subnets?
> 	I'll have to look it up, but it involves using a subnet mask like
> instead of the usual This way you can have
> a subnet with space for only a few machines, instead of the 254 spots
> you get with using 192.168.1.x with as the subnet mask.

If you wanted four identical networks -- say,,,, and -- you'd set
the netmask to

Q: Is on

A: See if a bitwise AND of the address in question and the netmask
equals the network address:

      192.168.  1. 60
      192.168.  1.  0 <== YES!

Q: What does mean?

A: It means that the network address is, and the netmask
is a 32-bit word with the high 26 bits set.  These get broken up into
four groups of eight ("octets"); the three highest octets have all
eight bits set, for decimal 255, and the last is 11000000, for decimal

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