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Re: communicating between subnets

On Thu, 04 Sep 2003 08:52:57 -0400, David Woyciesjes wrote:

> 	IIRC, you're not supposed to use a 192.168.0.x subnet. Something about
> the network address part being screwed up. Try using 192.168.1.x and
> 192.168.2.x for your two subnets. Of course, you could always split
> 192.168.1.x into two (or more) different subnets too.
> 	Mind you, the part of my CCNA class that went over this was last
> spring... I can flip through the books and check when I get home
> tonight, if you like.

thats news to me. why should i not use 0.x? i will look through the
literature myself, but i would appreciate if you could check back and tell
me why. (easy way out!!! :)

secondly, how can i split 1.x into different subnets?

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