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Re: Debian on Compaq Presario 2132

> I have a 2105 thats a work in progress. Most 
> everything is working to some degree. you might want

> to check out these sites, they helped me alot:

To Josh King: Thanks for the links. Should add to my
list of the Presario 2xxx family installations I've
been browsing around from linux-laptop.org...


> You didn't say where in the installation process you

> are having trouble.  A common problem is the 
> keyboard is non-responsive after boot.  This is 
> solved by disabling "Legacy USB Support" in the

I've passed that part, thanks to reading the tips at
the sites at linux-laptop.org about the "Legacy USB

Actually, my notebook is already running an initial
Debian install now, using the 2.4.18 kernel... and now
I'd like to try compiling a 2.4.21 kernel, since I'd
like to try out ACPI... that's why I asked about the
2.4.21 kernel package from Debian: does it already
include an ACPI patch, or should I still patch it

I also need the exact hardware tech specs so I can
tinker and tune all the gadgets in my system (VGA
card, sound card, PCMCIA, USB, wireless, etc)...

OK, thanks again everyone...


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