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Re: howto specifying a default network interface/card

 --- Harry Barnes <disterics@hotmail.com> escribió: 
> Yep, this is what is happening - is there any an automatic way to change 
> this ?
> Either get eth0 to set up last or automatically change the routing table

I use ifplugd (from unstable) on my laptop (although only with built in
ethernet and not PCMCIA/wireless).  It works well at configuring/deconfiguring
the interface when the cable is plugged or unplugged.

Here is the description from the man page:

       ifplugd  is  a  daemon which will automatically configure your ethernet
       device when a cable is plugged in and automatically unconfigure  it  if
       the  cable  is  pulled. This is useful on laptops with on-board network
       adapters, since it will only configure the interface when  a  cable  is
       really connected.

       It  uses  your  distribution's  native ifup/ifdown programs, but can be
       configured to do anything you wish when  the  state  of  the  interface
       changes.  It also works with PCMCIA devices, where the interface is not
       available when no card is inserted (-f option).  It  may  ignore  short
       unplugged whiles (-d option) or plugged whiles (-u option).

So, it looks like you could configure it to update the routing table as the
states of the various devices change.  I'm not sure exactly how this would
be accomplished, but I can't image that it would be overly difficult.


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