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Re: apache

On Mon, 7 Jul 2003 10:39, Paul Bryan wrote:
> > If Apache decides not to die then most (all?) inetd programs will happily
> > allow it to do so.
> Only serving a single connection makes sense to me, as otherwise it seems
> to defeat the purpose of using inetd in the first place. In any event, I
> doubt the apache authors are likely to make a semi-daemon-inetd (i.e. one
> that doesn't immediatley die) version of apache. If you want a daemon, run
> it as one.

Yes.  However if Apache does the wrong thing (eg goes into an infinite loop in 
a library - something I've seen many times) then it may run forever if there 
is nothing to stop it.  inetd will not stop it.

For Apache run as a daemon I've put in a ulimit on the CPU time to solve this 
problem (in a normal situation no Apache process will use 1H of CPU time, so 
killing such a process is only doing good).

Maybe one of the more capable inetd's would allow you to set the ulimit before 
spawning a process, otherwise a wrapper script would do the job.

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