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Re: pcmcia -- kernel 2.4.21


On Wednesday 02 July 2003 00:54, Andre Berger wrote:
>> my NetGear MA401 stopped working after a switch from
>> 2.4.20 to 2.4.21, vanilla kernel sources with preempt patches applied.
>> pcmcia-cs is 3.2.4 built from sources. Tried linux-wlan-ng and orinoco 
>> drivers. Could not get it to work again..

>I've got 2.4.21 and the NetGear MA401 running with the hostap driver.

and now - me too. The problem seems to have been that CONFIG_NET_RADIO was 
undefined in my kernel config for 2.4.21. After enabling it immediately 
worked again with wireless-tools-26-1. This option was obviously not 
obligatory for 2.4.20.

BTW: hostap-0.0.3 gives more than 3 times the performance than orinoco-0.13d 
on my NetGear MA401, from 180kByte/s up to 560kByte/s. Maybe it's the old 
1.3.6 Intersil-firmware causing this.


P.S.: .. and actually I found the pcmcia-cs 3.2.5 pre-releases. 
*banging_the_head_against_the_desk* ;)
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