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Re: pcmcia -- kernel 2.4.21


> is there any known problem at pcmcia-cs and the kernel 2.4.21 (patched
> with ac1), because i have an Cisco Systems Cisco Aironet 340series
> and anything i do it doesnt work correctly.
> I patched the kernel, i tried the original airo.c and airo_cs.o from Cisco.

similar problems here, my NetGear MA401 stopped working after a switch from 
2.4.20 to 2.4.21, vanilla kernel sources with preempt patches applied. 
pcmcia-cs is 3.2.4 built from sources. Tried linux-wlan-ng and orinoco 0.13e 
drivers. Could not get it to work again..

> Someone knows any help?

Sorry, but no. ;( But I would appreciate any suggestions or hints as well.

After some googling I found some infos that a beta pcmcia-cs pre-3.2.5 would 
fix some problems with 2.4.21, but I can't find any tarballs for that.

 Frank Trenkamp                            ftrenkam at uos.de
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