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Re: External monitor with Compaq Presario 1600

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 10:28:05PM +0200, Arjen Verweij wrote:
> I was playing with this some more, and I discovered that I /can/ swap
> physical displays in the lilo-menu screen before I choose a boot option,
> but this functionality is lost after choosing Linux. I can also swap in
> W2K, but not in the BIOS.
> It's really puzzling to me why I can swap in lilo but no in Linux.
> Can anyone help me out?
> Regards,
> Arjen

Curious.  Are you using a framebuffer feature in the linux kernel you
select?  (You can tell because if so, a cute little penguin is painted
in the top left corner as the boot messages begin).

LILO *usually* starts in text mode; perhaps it is unhappy about doing
this in graphics mode.  And under a framebuffer, everything, even text
consoles, are really in a graphical mode.

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