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Re: Replacing Stolen laptop - Sony quality

The Vaio line isn't particularly standards-based, which is irritating from
a linux perspective, and I think that's what most of the complaints are
about.  I like the metal case, and (I'll admit it) I like the look of the
thing. It's also small, light, and reliable.  I had very little problem
getting debian to coexist happily with windows.


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On Thu, 26 Jun 2003, Larry Colen wrote:

> It's funny. I've gotten several emails either extolling the virtues of
> Sony laptops, or warning me away from them as they are horrible,
> unreliable, evil machines.
> Is it a case that Sony outsources their machines, some model lines are
> well built and others are crap? I've got a PCG fx-190k that seems to
> be pretty solid, except that both the original and the replacement
> hard drives make way too much noise. Speaking of which, I'm planning
> on solving the noise problem and the space problem by putting in a
> larger (60g?) hard drive, with the plan of triple booting: Doze,
> Debian and RedHat (I'll be able to boot it in a configuration to annoy
> anyone).  I'm interested in suggestions for good harddrives, and good
> places to get them.
>    Larry
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