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Re: Debian <---> Gentoo

Johannes Graumann wrote:


This might be a provoking question but I was wondering whether anybody on the list had tried Gentoo Linux ... I get the impression that the custom compiling done through this distribution might be the right thing for the limited resources of a laptop?

Please let me hear your opinion!



I've tryed it. I started to use linux for real on my laptop with debian and a few months ago i heard about gentoo and it looked like the best for my not so new laptop. The first impression i got from it was that it would make things work faster. The reality was that i took about two weeks compiling everything i had on my debian system, xfree, kde, gimp, dev tools, etc.... and then i've noticed that whenever there's an package upgrade like from kde 3.1.1a to 3.1.2 i had to compile the hole thing again about 2 days...

To be honnest i didn't like it, well it's perfect for tunning your laptop to the max, but now that i've returned to woody (because i had a severe crash and my filesystem was completly destroyed and i couldn't wait for another two weeks for making all work again) i don't notice much increase of speed comparing to my woody system...

It's fun to have a system all compiled for your cpu, and what so ever hardware you have but in my humble opinion it doesn't worth the night's of compiling and the crashes due to overheat of being compiling for days...

Anyway, if you want the gentoo for fun, go ahead...

Paulo Lopes

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