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Re: Debian <---> Gentoo

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 04:50:56PM +0100, Johannes Graumann wrote:
> This might be a provoking question but I was wondering whether anybody
> on the list had tried Gentoo Linux ... I get the impression that the
> custom compiling done through this distribution might be the right thing
> for the limited resources of a laptop?

Depends how limited we're talking. My main laptop has 2Gb of
hard drive, and for example a recent linux kernel:
@oban]:linux-2.5.71$ du -s
281928  .

That's 1/8 of my disk, just the kernel... IIRC gcc and glibc
are much larger.

Of course more recent laptops would be at ease with all
that, but then again they have the same resources as a
desktop system, so...

While the concept of source distribution sounds quite
appealing to me, at the same time I feel like the computers
that would benefit most (old computers) just don't have the
resources to cope with them. I didn't try it myself, though.


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