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Re: I can't ifconfig my wifi-pcmcia card on a hp zt1000 serie.

On Sun, 22 Jun 2003 16:14:52 +0200
"Maximilian Pascher" <m@x-pascher.de> wrote:

> > I buy a netgear MA401RA wireless pcmcia card.
> >
> > I install wireless-tools with iwconfig and pcmcia-cs packages.
> >
> > And iwconfig won't work : "no wireless extension"
> Hi Francois,
> orinoco-cs doesn't use wireless extensions. You can't use iwconfig but
> have to use the config files in /etc/pcmcia (network.opts and
> wireless.opts)

I have a Dlink DWL-660 using the orinoco_cs/orinoco/hermes modules, and
I use iwconfig to set my encryption key.  So I politely disagree.

More likely its the "unsupported card" message thats causing it.

According to my refs the Netgear MA 401 RA card uses a Prism 2 or 3
chipset.... perhaps the prism modules might be a better bet ?

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