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Re: Stolen laptop

One piece of advice, Watch Ebay like a hawk!

Larry Colen wrote:

My house was burglarized the other day. One of the things they got was
my old Gateway Liberty Laptop. It's a 486-100, running
debian. Computer name is "short". (my personal laptop was unsigned,
which went well with .int. subnet at work).  I doubt that the people
who got it will be able to do anything with it. I haven't checked but
they probably don't have the floppy drive for it or the cable for the
scsi card.  If someone brings you a little gateway liberty to try to
get into, the model and serial number are:
model:    GSA4DX4100LBC    ($2753.00)
serial:   0004803230

It has the "big" 800x600 display.

So, if you find "short" please let both me and the police know. The
case # is 03-5784

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