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Re: Laptop Losing Time

Blars Blarson, 2003-Jun-20 18:59 -0700:
> In article <20030620180553.GA31939@jcop.homelinux.com> 
> jcoppock1@attbi.com writes:
> >My laptop, a Dell Latitude C610 running Sarge, has been losing time to
> >the tune of about 15-20 minutes every 12 hours.
> Is this happening when the system is off or when the system is booted
> into debian?  If the former, then there is a problem with the
> motherboard timekeeping.  If it is the latter, and the rate is
> constant, you can compensate with the tickadj command.  For my Dell
> inspiron 8200, I use tickadj 10270 (2.7% fast) to get it close enough
> to keep in sync with ntp.  The tickadj only takes affect until the
> system is shut down, so I put it into an init script.

It happens either way.  I loses time while running and when it's
turned off.

I looked around for "tickadj" and can't seem to find it.  What package
would it be a part of?


Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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