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Samsung P10, pcmcia and 3com Xjack


I've got a Samsung P10 Notebook. 
Most things work fine, but I can't configure my wLan-Card :-(

card: "3Com-Xjack, 3CRSHPW196"
Kernel: "2.4.21, with pcmcia support"
driver: "atmelwlandriver, from sourceforge"

I can insert the "pcmf502r3"-driver and cardinfo (pcmcia-cs) shows me
informations about the card.
So far, so good...

But when I run "iwonfig", it shows "no wireless extensions" for every
eth1 is not recognized!
When I bring up my interfaces, I get the following:

gre0: unknown hardware address type 778
gre0: unknown hardware address type 778

Any suggestions?


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