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Re: APCI improvements on 2.4.22-pre1 and fan trigger question

From: "Joao Clemente" <jpcl@rnl.ist.utl.pt>

> I've read the linuxtoday announce about 2.4.22-pre1. In it was:
> ACPI: Fix thermal management (Pavel Machek) Make thermal trip points R/W
> (Pavel Machek) Allow handling negative celsius values (Kochi Takayoshi)
> If I'm not mistaken, this means that we'll be able to set the temperature
> that triggers the fan start/stop?

Only on a laptop that supports it.  Many don't seem to put thermal management
into ACPI (for good reason, imo - you really shouldn't mess with the
manufacturer's intentions).  You may think your machine runs a little hot, but
what happens when you accidentally change a trip point of 70C to 700C...  OK,
you probably need to do that two or three times before you disable _all_ checks,
but if you routinely miss the first trip point you can't be doing your laptop
any good.

otoh, if thermal management really _was_ broken before, that's even worse than
if you explicitly break it by setting wrong trip points.

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