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Re: IBM X30 hibernation problem


	As far as I know hibernation works well with APM (of course it needs a little 
help from the BIOS). As you may have found, the hibernation partition has to 
be a special type (not fat32). You can make a hibernation partition with 
lphdisk utility.

> >
> > I guess the third item could be the reason of the "misbehaviour" itself
> > being caused by the "unordered" partitioning/partition numbering. IIRC
> > hibernation shall work, I read something related a while ago (but can't
> > remember any details anymore, sorry). Maybe you find something useful on
> > http://linux-on-laptops.com/ibm.html

> If I run cfdisk I get this:
>     Name        Flags      Part Type  FS Type          [Label]        Size
> (MB)
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>--- hda1                    Primary   Win95 FAT32      [           ]   
> 1021.88 hda2        Boot        Primary   Linux ext3                       
> 2051.49 hda4                    Primary   IBM Thinkpad hibernation         
>  828.34 Logical   Free Space                        7555.65 hda5           
>         Logical   Linux swap                         510.94 hda6           
>         Logical   Linux ext3                        1199.93 hda7           
>         Logical   Linux ext3                        4002.33 hda8           
>         Logical   Linux ext3                       19996.14

Christian Lyra


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