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Re: IBM X30 hibernation problem

>>>>> "WW" == Wei Wang <ww220@cam.ac.uk> writes:

WW> Please note that hda4 is the partition I created for
WW> hibernation. Strangely although it is physically right
WW> after the first partition, it's ordered as hda4. And the
WW> last physical parititon, the IBM recover hidden
WW> partition, is ordered as hda2.

Same here on my X22.

WW> A file is created: C:\SAVE2DSK.BIN
WW> But in Windows, I can see the file created resides in drive O(hda6).

>From within linux, mount /dev/hda6 and /dev/hda2 and "mv"
the file to the _primary_ FAT16 partition /dev/hda2 where
you wanted it to be.  (Is /dev/hda2 big enough it?)

WW> So did I miss anything for the hibernation? I looked
WW> into the BIOS and didn't find anything related.

I think it must be on a primary partition.  (In my case, I
also moved the save2dsk.bin around by hand, because the IBM
utility put in on a _large_ primary FAT partition instead of
the small one that I created for it.  With the large one, it
simply took the BIOS too long a time to find and use it.)

== Uwe ==

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