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Re: IBM X30 hibernation problem

On Wed, 2003-06-04 at 22:04, Daniel E. Atencio Psille wrote:

> Had a look at ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/stndalhd.txt?
> <quote>
> Limitations:
>   - Hibernation function does not work when OS/2 Boot Manager is
>     installed.
>   - Hibernation function does not work with NTFS/HPFS file systems.
>   - Hibernation by hibernation partition is not supported.
>     Please do not select item 1. Create partition on this
>     diskette.
> </quote>
> I guess the third item could be the reason of the "misbehaviour" itself being 
> caused by the "unordered" partitioning/partition numbering. IIRC hibernation 
> shall work, I read something related a while ago (but can't remember any 
> details anymore, sorry). Maybe you find something useful on 
> http://linux-on-laptops.com/ibm.html


It's funny that hibernation partition is not supported... I got a
Thinkpad X31 a few days ago, and today I just made hibernation work:

- As usual... I just skipped the README file...
- I made an image of the diskette and booted it through the network,
with syslinux memdisk.
- I had a fat32 primary partition ready for that already, so I picked
"Create hibernation file".
- Rebooted, hibernation did not work.
- I booted the diskette image again, and picked "Hibernation partition",
since I had about 9 Gb of unpartitioned space, it created the partition
- Reboot, lilo had gone away!
- Network booted the debian installation and used it to run lilo again.
- Reboot, all my data is intact, hibernation works.

Then I checked the list for any discussions on hibernation (right on
time, :) and see hibernation partition is not supported... but so far
its working with no problems.

If I run cfdisk I get this:

    Name        Flags      Part Type  FS Type          [Label]        Size (MB)
    hda1                    Primary   Win95 FAT32      [           ]    1021.88
    hda2        Boot        Primary   Linux ext3                        2051.49
    hda4                    Primary   IBM Thinkpad hibernation           828.34
                            Logical   Free Space                        7555.65
    hda5                    Logical   Linux swap                         510.94
    hda6                    Logical   Linux ext3                        1199.93
    hda7                    Logical   Linux ext3                        4002.33
    hda8                    Logical   Linux ext3                       19996.14

hda1 is the FAT32 partition I had created for hibernation, I guess I can
delete it now. hda4 is the partition created by the ibm utility.
Guillermo Ontañón

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