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Re: alternate boot for internet connection

[20030617] Emma Jane Hogbin (emmajane@xtrinsic.com) wrote:

> While we're on the topic of internet connections at boot....How could I
> make two entries in lilo: one for at home with a wireless internet, and
> one for "away" with no internet connection? I'd like to use the same
> kernel, just change some of the other stuff that loads. Is it possible to
> select which /etc/network/interfaces is called through lilo?

one possible solution is the quickswitch program 
(http://edgesolutions.ca/article.php?sid=21), which is not deb
packaged yet, however it's really easy to install & config
manually. AFAIR I've read somewhere about a debian-specific way
to accomplish the same thing, however I don't remember where :)

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