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Re: alternate boot for internet connection

From: "Christian Lyra" <lyra@pop-pr.rnp.br>
> You could use ifupdown-roaming (or whereami, or something like that) for
> automatic configuration of network interfaces. Rebooting the machine will not
> do any good. Of course you could have different configurations using
> run-levels, but I dont think that this is what you really want :-)
> On Tuesday 17 June 2003 11:25, Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
> > Hey all:
> >
> > While we're on the topic of internet connections at boot....How could I
> > make two entries in lilo: one for at home with a wireless internet, and
> > one for "away" with no internet connection? I'd like to use the same
> > kernel, just change some of the other stuff that loads. Is it possible to
> > select which /etc/network/interfaces is called through lilo?
> >

In retrospect, it may not even require anything beyond the standard

If you have your wireless interface defined in /etc/network/interfaces, and use
an 'up' or 'post-up' script to start the 'other stuff', then hotplug or pcmcia
should be able to 'ifup' the interface for you.

Of course, the answer to the original question is to use different runlevels for
home or away, then use "append=init=2" or "append=init=3" in lilo.conf, to get
runlevel 2 or 3 respectively  (I hope that syntax is correct - it's a while
since I did that).  But using /etc/network/interfaces to control it seems


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