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Dell 8000 problems -- 4-way split screen

Hi all,

I'm trying to install debian on a Dell Inspiron 8000.  It's being a
little less cooperative than the desktop systems I'm used to! 

My main problem right now is that on the console (i haven't even
gotten X up yet), the screen is normal for the top quarter, and then
redraws itself ontop of itself beginning at the 1-quarter, half, and
3-quarter marks.  The result is pretty legible for the second quarter,
but absolutely illegible at the bottom.

This is really annoying!  Reseating the video connection inside didn't
do anything, and I wouldn't expect it to -- this only shows up when
Linux starts to load (in LILO and before, it's normal).  The RedHat
and Windoze installs that are on other partitions of this machine look
fine, so it's an issue with Debian's interaction with this video card.

Has anyone run into this before, and could point me in the right
direction?  It's especially annoying because I'm the sole developer at
work who uses Linux, and I'm currently getting a lof of sh** about my
OS of choice.  



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