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Re: Problems getting ACPI support to work on a HP Pavilion

[20030609] Niko Schmuck (nschmuck_NOSPAM@web.de) wrote:

> [...]
> Mounting local filesystems...
> nothing was mounted
> [...]
> Setting the System clock using the Hardware Clock as reference...
> [---stop---]
> What really surprises me, is that I did use the same Kernel 
> parameters (.config) as starting point that did work with 2.4.20.
> Has someone discover the same strangeness, or know how to get more 
> details about why the root (ext3) partition couldn't be mounted?

My first post on the list, hello all :D
Did by any chance u compiled ext3 as module, instead of built-in

btw. I installed 2.4.21-rc7 with latest acpi patches on my
compaq presario 724ea and everything works far more than great.

Grab the acpi patch from :
(it's Con Kolivas performance-enhancing patch-set, but u don't
 need any of the other patches...)

Vanilla 2.4.20 needs also ptrace & ext3 fixes patches before
applying acpi.

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