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Re: ACPI HOWTO (draft)

> Dunno if it's only me, but I cannot read that page with Opera. I see one 
> screen page, but if I scroll down, there is nothing but black... There is 
> some minor layout problems with Opera on the visible part as well.
> Anyone else had any probs?

The ACPI-HOWTO page points two stylesheets for screen and printing
from my experience with my pages about Linux on mobile computers
TuxMobil http://tuxmobil.org I encountered exactly the same problems
(and even more) with Opera users. So currently I use only one 
CSS (this is very bad especially for PDA users viewing my site, 
I can not provide a dedicated CSS to them). My site is strictly
HTML conform (checked with tidy) and the ACPI only contains a 
minor bug. 


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