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I can't find apm


I try to make apm working and I can't !

I buy an hp zt1201s and I install debian woody on it.
Now I try to use apm but linux can't find the apm bios. 

Perhaps bios in on the hard disk, so I install windows again
with the reset cd. 
I install windows and I can see how the battery is. 
it's possible !

With fdisk I erase hda2 [a 19GB partition] and I let the very beginnig
of the hard disk (8 MO) and the /dev/hda1 "OS/2 hidden C: drive" 
partition for memory recovery after sleeping. 

I put lilo on /dev/hda2 
(not /dev/hda : there is a diagnostic program inside the bios)
I write append="apm=on apm=power-off" in my lilo.conf and make lilo.

But I can't sucess any apm command.

When I type poweroff the laptop halts but do not power off. 
I must use the switch
There is no /proc/apm file
And dmesg | grep apm sends "apm: BIOS not found"

How can I manage the battery ?

Thanks a lot.


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