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Re: upgrading Xfree86 4.2 to 4.3 the debian way, intel extreme graphics

Lloyd Dizon <fractal_point@yahoo.com> writes:

> Is there a specific way of upgrading XFree 4.2 to 4.3
> with Debian testing branch?

"Wait for XFree86 4.3 to get into testing.  Run the APT upgrade
normally."  But this will take quite a while, since official Debian
packages are still in a prerelease state, and probably isn't the
answer you're looking for.  :-)

> Or can I just install the 4.3 binaries over the existing
> installation and configure everything as written in the manual?

You really really don't want to try to install X in /usr or
/usr/X11R6; dpkg won't know about your manual update, and the next
time the official packages update your files will be stomped on.  What
I'd recommend: look on xfree86.org for a binary tarball that just
contains the X server and modules, which is probably all you really
wanted anyways.  Unpack it in /usr/local, repoint /etc/X11/X to
/usr/local/bin/XFree86, configure it, and run.

David Maze         dmaze@debian.org      http://people.debian.org/~dmaze/
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	-- Abra Mitchell

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