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Re: Network install on a laptop


> > I'm trying to do a network install on a laptop that has a pcmcia network
> > card based on the 8139too module. Under Slackware both pcmcia and the
> > card came up easily. Under Debian, however, the card isn't recognized.
> > Pcmcia
> How do you know? Who told you? The driver you need is already included
> in the kernel.

	I had this problem too.. the problem is that 8139too is builtin in the 
kernel!!!! It had to be a module!!! dont ask me why, but I think it has 
something to do with the pcmcia bus. I take the easy way, just ot another 
pcmcia card (a 3com) installed the system and get back to my 8139too card. 

Christian Lyra


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