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Re: Network install on a laptop

On Sat, 31 May 2003 07:31:22 -0700
"Chris Krum" <cakrum@cox.net> wrote:

> Hi all.
> I'm trying to do a network install on a laptop that has a pcmcia
> network card based on the 8139too module. Under Slackware both pcmcia
> and the card came up easily. Under Debian, however, the card isn't
> recognized. Pcmcia configures OK but when I go back to load the
> driver, it says the device is busy. Are there module parameters that I
> need to pass or something to get this working.

Hi Chris,

had the same here.
only solution was to recompile a new kernel to make the 8139too become a
AND to use hotplug instead of cardmgr.

it was suggested to me to try it again with the default kernel (bf24),
to see if installing hotplug (and renmoving cardmgr) would be enough,
but I still had not the opportunity to do so. I'll post a mail as soon
as I have results.


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