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X-Server & gnome 2.2



I have some problems to configure a default language with gnome. First I tried to install gnome 2.2 with gdm, where I can choose a language for a certain session.


-          Where can I choose the default language without gdm, is there a config file?


-          What package do I have to install to get other languages, if they are not present by now – I tried to run on unstable, there is a comfortable gnome packet: in this case I have all languages present, but If I try to run on testing and use apt backports to install gnome I do not have any languages except English


-          If I compile my own X-Server I have always problems with my xkb, I tried to configure my keyboard for 105 keys, de layout but xkb says: no maps found. Maybe there is a path I have to set after install my own X-Server??


Thanks in advance. I am working on this problems every day and I do not find a solution.


Best Regards,

Herbert Volkmann

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