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Re: Switching from static IP to DHCP

James Tappin <sjt@star.sr.bham.ac.uk> writes:

> Hi.
> 	I'm trying to change a laptop that is currently using static IP to use
> DHCP instead. Which package do I need to reconfigure to do this.
> (netbase and netenv don't seem to have the options to do that).
> 	James

you can change the configuration manually in /etc/network/interfaces

changing "iface eth0 inet static" to "iface eth0 inet dhcp"
then the system will get its IP via DHCP *at boottime*
or when you "ifup" the interface.

but since it's a laptop I suppose you want to acquire your IP
when you plug in the network cable.

if so:
 *  comment out the "auto eth0" in /etc/network/interfaces
 *  install the laptop-net package

and plug in the cable...


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