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Re: PCMCIA NIC & internal NIC

    "Chris" == Chris Horn <chorn@rand.org> writes:

    Chris> Hello.  There's a colleague at work here with a Sony VAIO
    Chris> and two network interfaces.  One is the built in NIC that
    Chris> requires a dongle to use, and the other is a PCMCIA network
    Chris> card.  The problem is that apparently the network is being
    Chris> initialized before the PCMCIA devices are.  Judging by the
    Chris> scripts in /etc/init.d/, everything is in order - but in
    Chris> practice eth1 (the PCMCIA card) is not initialized before
    Chris> it tries to get set up with the config in
    Chris> /etc/network/interfaces.  What's the matter here?  Is this
    Chris> a configuration error on my part, or Debian's?

Nope, nothing wrong unless you a have done something really non
standard. PCMCIA cards are bought up by the PCMCIA subsystems, the
other network cards are bought up by the network scripts (which run
earlier). So, if you are setting up the PCMCIA card via
/etc/network/interfaces do not use the 'auto' keyword for eth1. That
should take care of it unless you did something else to the standard


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