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Re: first post - which laptop to buy for OPTIMAL audio & graphics

Thanks, Martin, for your information, by the way, would you tell me
which audio chipset you have ? So if not Dell do you know about any
other alternative machine with good audio and video which might work
really good with Debian ? (I use sid at home and woody at work, so any
for me would be ok either)

About your video performance with Radeon: have you managed to have
acceleration? I know (just by reading and informing myself) that it
works trhough DRI.

Thank you again,

El dom, 01-12-2002 a las 19:59, martin f krafft escribió:
> also sprach Rama <rama@xicnet.com> [2002.12.02.2004 +0100]:
> > I was looking at Dell Inspirons or Latitude but some people told me that
> > the audio on those machines is pretty poor.
> The audio on my Latitude is quite good, actually. Nevertheless, Dell's
> machines and service have really gone down over the past years, so
> I suggest you don't buy a Dell.
> Video performance at least on this 1.2GHz/1Gb machine with a 32Mb
> Radeon Mobility card is *horrible*. This may well be my problem, but
> I tried everything...
Rama <rama@xicnet.com>

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