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Re: sound on an HP pavilion zt1135

On Saturday 16 November 2002 01:38, Mike Kelland wrote:
> I've just bought an hp ze4115 and (after lots of hair-tearing wasted time)
> I installed knoppix (www.knopper.net/knoppix) which booted up (with the
> "knoppix nomce nopcmcia" boot time options) and autodetected everything
> from X to sound.  If nothing else works I'd reccomend loading it (it's a
> CD based installation of Debian 2.4.19-xfs which runs entirely out of a
> ramdisk but can be written to the HD if desired) just to see how it
> autodetects and sets up your sound.  Worked for me :)
> Mike

Of course I know Knoppix. It is probably the best Linux system you can find 
these days:-) I use it everytime when someone in my school wants me to use a 
comuter with nothing but some useless DOS extensions (Window$) on it...
But on my Omnibook XT1000-F5270HT it doesn't work, because it doesn't have 
ACPI in the kernel.


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